Consolidated Speculative Fiction Story Recommendation Lists

Every year, come January, I have made a habit of searching out lists of recommended short speculative fiction (that is, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, up to novella length). I then read as many of the recommended stories as possible before the deadline for voting in the Locus Awards. Starting this year, I'm also trying to read as many stories as possible from venues which are typically missed in recommended lists.

I joined Noreascon this year, so this year I'll be nominating for Hugos and voting in the Locus Awards. Fortunately, they have fairly similar eligibility rules, so one list should suffice for both.

My list incorporates Rich Horton's year-end summaries, various award shortlists, the monthly recommended reading lists by Nick Gevers and Rich Horton in Locus, my own reading, and any other lists of recommended stories I can find. Since this is just something done quickly for my own reference, I haven't in the past tracked the source of particular recommendations, but I may add that in the future.

And so, the lists:

Please send any comments, suggestions for additional stories, or corrections to